Profile picture of Max Forster
Max Forster

Man (Shifter) / Portland, OR

I’m a work-a-holic. I’m passionate about my family and my pride. Protecting my people is top priority. I’ve been told I have a good sense of humor. I created the Shifter Date,which is a paranormal dating app that promote romance without rules! Shifters and humans finally have a place to...

Profile picture of Alexis Parrish
Alexis Parrish

35 / Woman (Human) / Portland, OR

As a reporter, I can be hardheaded and outspoken, but that is what it takes to be a woman working in a man’s world. I work hard at my job, because that's what it takes to succeed.

Profile picture of Luke

Man (Shifter) / Portland, OR

I’m an architect, and I’m fiercely loyal to friends and family.

Profile picture of Gareth

Man (Shifter) / Portland, OR

I'll do anything to protect those I love. I have a twin sister. I'm the alpha male of my sleuth, but the tradition of my sleuth is that the alpha-hood can be challenged if I do not find my mate before I turn 35. I’ve had no luck with the...

Profile picture of Tyler

35 / Man (Shifter) / Single / Portland, OR

I'm a tiger in the sack... and pretty much everywhere else too.

Profile picture of Kyra

Woman (Shifter) / Portland, OR

Profile picture of Jasmine

Woman (Shifter) / Portland, OR

Profile picture of Lexy

44 / Woman (Shifter) / Single / Portland, OR

I'm new to the area and excited to meet new people. I'm not perfect, but I am purrfect.

Profile picture of Zac

41 / Man (Human) / Single / Portland, OR

I love the good life and I have been lucky to sample more than my share. I'm an entrepreneur and come from a successful family. I enjoy taking risks in life and my successful business record – and bank account – shows that I am good at it. I’m often called suave,...

Profile picture of William

Man (Shifter) / Single / Copenhagen

I'm from Denmark, but I am in Portland on sabbatical. We don't have anything like this in Sweden and I confess, I am pretty excited about the idea of dating a human. In Denmark there is no way a shifter could do that.

Profile picture of Barrett

Man (Shifter)

Profile picture of Jackson

Man (Shifter) / Portland, Or

I love to hike and camp. If I'm not in the outdoors hopefully I'm playing my guitar.

Profile picture of Julie

Woman (Human)

I love to read, travel and get out in nature. I am also an avid amateur photographer.

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