About Shifter Date

Shifter Date is the only dating app that allows shifters and humans to date! Created by Max Forster, an alpha lion shifter and born of his families long tradition of matchmaking and event planning, Shifter Date is the natural evolution of generations spent matchmaking. In fact, there’s hardly a lion who’s pride hasn’t been guided by someone in the Forster family line.

Shifter Date embraces modern technology and shuns prejudice to deliver the fastest, easiest and most fun way to find a mate. Shifters and humans alike can find romance without rules! So don’t be coy, join Shifter Date, where humans and shifters alike can answer the call of the wild.

Mission Statement

No matter your shape, size, species or scent, everyone deserves love. Our mission is to be the easiest, fastest and most fun way for shifters and humans to date and mate!

Shifter Date dares to take online dating to a new level. We will not let fear or prejudice keep mates apart. We proudly bring shifter romance to the people! Lion, bear, wolf or human, every one is welcome at Shifter Date! Our promise is romance without rules!

Our Philosophy

Tradition be damned, we’re here to embrace technology, by creating an online dating app that ends generations of discrimination against shifter and human mating. No matter your shape or scent, you can find your mate at Shifter Date!


Meet  The Shifter Date Team

Max Forster


It is thanks to both Max’s respect for the family business and his fearless embrace of innovation that Shifter Date is a reality.


Alma Black

Chief Creative Officer

It is Alma’s creative vision that inspires us all. Her relentless focus on spurring creative coupling among shifters in tireless.


Alexis Parrish

Director of Public Relations

Alexis was originally skeptical about the concept of shifters dating humans, but today she is our biggest fan.




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